Vagabond Information Services


    Committed to excellence and client satisfaction, Vagabond Information Services (VIS), LLC, has more than thirty years of experience providing clients professional assistance with family heritage products, specifically genealogy, family history and life stories.  Under the leadership of Peggy Thomson Greenwood, Vagabond Information Services, LLC, has successfully completed hundreds of genealogical searches. The unique richness and depth of VIS-produced family histories stems from both her educational credentials and years of teaching / studying the history of Western Civilization.

    Vagabond Information Services, LLC, has a reputation for excellence in research. Original research in the field of genealogy includes pioneer research into the plight of orphans in St. Louis in the 19th century. It was also VIS that revealed the treasured Swekoski Collection of  antiquated photographs. 

    Utilizing the same core competencies that rendered successful genealogical and family history projects, Vagabond Information Services expanded its product line to include contemporary memoirs and life stories. It is our belief the behind every ordinary person there is an extraordinary story waiting to be told, a life legacy to record, a personal story that is the bridge between the past and the future.  

    Previous to the launching of Vagabond Information Services, LLC , Greenwood taught American History at the high school and college level and was the manager of training for an international corporation. 

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